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Crowe Productions believe that a video should be simple, engaging the audience right from the start.

We offer an efficient cost effective service using professional production and post-production equipment, and offer encoding technology for VHS, DVD (Blu-Ray and HD), CD-rom, all formats of webstreaming, Beta-SP and DigiBeta.

A full video production would involve:

1) Pre-production

2) Production

3) Post-production

This is the stage where we shoot your video. We will:

  • draw up a filming schedule to plan the shoot.
  • decide what order the video will be filmed to minimise the number of location changes.
  • decide shoot locations - the shoot could take 1 hour or several days depending on your project.
  • arrange logistics - props, book meeting rooms, catering, wardrobe.
  • book actors or staff who are to appear in your video.
  • book sound studio and recording artist if needed.
  • book film crew or we can shoot in-house.
  • choose from DV, DV CAM, Beta SP, Digi Beta or HD camera’s.
  • decide which format you prefer - standard 4:6 or widescreen 16:9. 
  • endeavour to involve members of your team in the shoot